Friends of Come and Drive It

This exclusive list is for companies, influencers, websites, and people we stand behind.

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SPL Parts

American-made, top-tier suspension manufacturer for Nissan, Porsche, Infiniti, BMW, and more. They build lightweight, strong, and highly adjustable suspension arms to adjust static and dynamic geometry such as camber, caster, and toe. You can also find a nice selection of solid aluminum replacement bushings for subframes and drivetrain mounts, and replacement spherical bushings for key suspension points. I worked here years ago and highly recommend them.

A1 Partsmart

A modern, honestly-ran, and long standing auto recycler in Central Texas. They specialize in late model foreign and domestic vehicles and keep a good inventory of parts. Bruce, the owner, has always taken good care of me and my family for years.

Killer B Motorsports

Killer B makes some great upgrades for the EJ / FA series motors right here in the US. They're also a contributor to our articles and genuinely good people.

Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics builds industry leading fueling products. If you need injectors or a great fuel filter, you can't go wrong with ID.

Well Oiled Midget

Artist Rendering of ID's Mascot



YouTube Channel

Eric is an ASE-certified mechanic that posts a ton of informative videos on how to diagnose, fix, and maintain all sorts of vehicles. Definitely check out his channel.

Mighty Car Mods

YouTube Channel

Marty and Moog are two bona-fide car guys that do all sorts of entertaining videos. As my Aussie friend would say ... "you get both the steak and the sizzle." Check out all of the Seasons. They aren't very technical or scientific, but they are a good entertaining duo.



What happens when you get a bunch of smart guys blogging? ... MotoIQ is what happens!

Power and Speed Podcast

Some seriously good information from people far smarter than me. Definitely listen in to this podcast.