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The internet is full of trackers, cookies, malware, and all sorts of hidden objects that you may or may-not be aware of. As a gesture of good stewardship, we'd like to inform you about our site and how we utilize your data.


This site may use various technologies and services that require the usage of cookies (small text files that are stored in your browser). Here's a list of those items and a brief description of what they do.

Google Analytics

This is a web analytics platform that anonymously tracks users while they are on our site. Nothing that is uniquely identifiable, personal, or sensitive is tracked via this tool. It provides us with the number of users that visited the site, how long they stayed, what pages they viewed, monitor size, and other similar measurements that are extremely useful for improving the site for everyone and knowing how many people saw our content.

Amazon Affiliate

We are an affiliate. Links to products on are tagged with our unique referral code and should you purchase an item within a certain timeframe, we may recieve a small commission from that transaction.

Other websites may whore themselves out for revenue, but our financial benefit is never a reason for us to recommend one product over another. We STRONGLY adhere to making the best product recommendations to our knowledge.

We are not lawyers or experts in anything, and we are just as broke as you. Trying to sue us because you did stupid things and can't live with your own fuck-ups like everyone else is not going to get you anything.

If it sounds like a bad idea, it probably is, and you should not do it. If you struggle with common sense choices and seem to be a shit-magnet, then we recommend befriending someone who isn't a complete waste of genetic material and learning from them. Seriously, take notes.

From time to time, we use what the rest of the world refers to as "humor." This may involve what seems like a recommendation to do something completely fucking stupid, but ask yourself, would my rational friend do this? Can you see yourself possibly ending up in either of the following conditions?

While this list may appear to be long and encompassing, rest-assured it is not. Please, think of the Children.

Website heavily insured by a Texan that owns a bunch of guns n' shit (with no monetary or implied value), whose murderous rampage can only be quenched by a dozen of the finest breakfast tacos in the land, or a giant golden unicorn statue cast in bronze and polished to mirror finish.

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